Storage information

Consume within Refrigerate Storage
Cupcakes* 3 days Refrigerate
Tarts Same Day Refrigerate
Choux Same Day Refrigerate
Cheesecakes 3 days Refrigerate
Macarons* 4 days Refrigerate
Brownies 5 days Room Temperature
Fudge 5 days Refrigerate
Mousse Cake 3 days Refrigerate
Ganache Cakes* 4 days Refrigerate
Fresh Cream Cakes, Desserts & Jars 1 days Refrigerate
Chocolate Bars** 3 weeks Room Temperature, 15-18 degrees
Travel Cakes 5 days Room Temperature
Nutella Sea Salt Cookies Same Day Same Day Room Temperature, Reheat
Chocolate Chunk Cookies Same Day Room Temperature, Reheat
Other cookies 2 weeks Room Temperature
Cheese sticks 2 weeks Room Temperature
Granola 2 weeks Room Temperature

*Advisable to remove all ganache based products from the fridge 30 minutes before consumption to get the full beneft of their textures and flavours.
**If you must refrigerate, wrap the box in cling film and take out of refrigerator 2 hours before serving Once open, store all items in Air tight containers to maintain the textures and flavours.